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Pest Inspections

Gone are the days of needless drilling, tapping, and ripping out complete sections of a wall. These methods are not just intrusive, they’re messy and usually fail to combat deeply housed nest areas. Due to the cutting-edge technology used by our expert technicians, we’re able to detect pests without causing damage to your property!

Through a tried and tested combination of thermal, moisture, and radar technology, we can identify problems through any obstacle, including:

    • Walls
    • Ceilings
    • Floors

Without leaving a trace!

Our inspectors are certified to use the Termatrac t3i device, which is the only device that can accurately target and verify the presence of pests without disturbing the physical barriers that keep them ordinarily undetected.

Pre-Purchase Reports

We don’t work in riddles and strive to provide our clients with an understandable and reassuring service. This means that all of our pre-purchase reports are written in plain English and prepared in accordance with Australian Standard (AS 4349.1-2007 and AS 4349.3) requirements

We identify problem areas and highlight safety hazards that can prevent expensive repairs. We also photograph the locations we’ve discovered and pass these across to our clients for their records.

Our reports included:

Pest Report

    • Pest Attacks on Timber
    • A Variety of Other Pest Attacks
    • Evidence of Termites, Pests, Fungal Growth
    • Conditions That Invite Attacks
    • Other Sever Safety Hazards


    • Summary of Property Report
    • Summary of Pest Report
    • Photos & Annexures
    • Follow Up Comments
    • Certification